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The entry conditions for citizens of the European Union member states differ from those applicable for citizens of third-party states, i.e. countries not belonging to the European Union. EU citizens and citizens of the European Economic Area (EU states plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) are entitled to free movement and travel.

Note: Since 2015-07-01, Citizens from the new member state of Croatia no longer require an EU work permit in order to take up employment in Germany. They are therefore entitled to free, unrestricted access to the German job market.

The AKZESS project is aimed at qualified foreign specialists from third countries (highly qualified persons, workers, researchers, self-employed persons, PhD candidates, graduates from German universities, students participating in an integrated degree programme) who are planning to live in the state capital Dresden, the city of Chemnitz, the city of Leipzig or the district of Mittelsachsen. It is a standardised process seeking to ensure foreign specialists gain fast access to the Saxon employment market. A decision on the residence permit is guaranteed within four weeks.

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